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Founded in 1995, Leawell (China) CO.,Ltd, a substitution of Leawell Group, has established for years its service platform “Leawell Health”, an online cross-border B2C shopping mall for health products and food supplements.

Owe to the 21-year experience in running pharmaceutical business, Leawell (China) CO.,Ltd establishes a state-of-the-art quality assurance and control system for “Leawell Health”, enable itself to source all quality food supplements and health products all over the world to China. At present, it has expanded its business line to food supplements including protein, vitamin, minerals, DHA, Omega, etc, and functional health products like liver and heart protectors, anti-fatigue and anti-oxidization as well as weight loss aid.   

Diverse products, global quality and customized service make Leawell Health unique and reliable.

Quality assurance

---Selected supplier

Supplier we selected has own its reputation for product quality with distinguished function, GMP factories and strict quality control system.

---Selected products

What products LEAWELL HEALTH determines to import?

---Manufactured in GMP factory

---With scientific formulation & quality active substance and excipients

---High specification & standardized analytical procedure,

---With well-distinguished function & good reputation

---Without report of product withdraw, side effect or complaints

---Custom inspection and quarantine:

Any single brand of LEAWELL HEALTH products will be backed up in Custom and subject to custom inspection and quarantine, to make sure the products we provide are exactly what customers expect.

Price assurance

As exclusive agent for oversea suppliers in China, LEAWELL HEALTH runs its business in a flow which could minimize the cost, save any unnecessary in-process commission and avoid the risk of product damage, contamination and false delivery, thereafter make our product easily affordable and quality reliable. Flow as below:  

oversea sourcing---shipment--- in bonded warehouse---custom declaration---out of bonded warehouse----express---customer  

Service assurance

- Health consultant

We have a talent group of doctor, pharmacist and nutritionist through which any personal healthy issues could be consulted. We respect your need for well-being, offer customized solutions to your situation, and honor your privacy.

- Customer service 

All our staff for customer service is medical or pharmaceutical equipped, and well trained on product usage and well-being issues. 

Our advantage

1. Custom surpervision: As a trial cross-border B2C platform, we must have all our products backed up at Custom and be ready for random surpervison.

2. AIC Inspection: All products should undergo inspection by Adminstration of industry and commerce (AIC) before delivery to customers.

3. Direct delivery: All products are ready to delivered from Custom bonded warehouse after insepction and qurantine, which would be clearly revealed in the logistics information. 

4. Brand registration: We respect the product intellecture property, apply brand for any products run by LEAWELL HEALTH in China, and fight against any fake and inferior goods.