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Delivery time

Delivery Time

1)Order Processing Time for Delivery Orders 
    Orders usually will be delivered from out bonded warehouse 24-48 hours after the order is placed, and another 1-7 days before you receive the package. Delivery might be delayed in some remote areas. The delivery times reflect the business days the order spends in actual transit from our bonded warehouse to the delivery address---order processing time in not included.  
Additionally, the order processing time for delivery orders may be longer during peak holiday seasons, such as Spring Festival or National Day, or immediately after a popular promotion. If you have questions concerning when your order will be shipped from our bonded warehouse, please email Customer Service at
Rush Delivery Cut-Off Times
-Items order by 4pm Monday –Sunday will be shipped same day;
-Items orders after 4pm Friday will ship next day. 
-Applicable taxes & duties will be charged for order over RMB 500. 
Leawell Health cannot ship packages on days that are China holidays. The following dates are affected: 
-Dragon-boat festival 
-Labor Day
-Mid-autumn festival 
-National Day
-New Years Day 
-Spring festival
Rush orders placed during a holiday, or during the weekend of a holiday, will not be shipped until the following business day.

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