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Return & Exchange

Return & Exchange

For food safety, please dispatch the package once you get it and double check for any issues for package leakage or wrong products. Please reject the package for any product problems. Once you sign it and receive it, any claims for return and exchange will not be dealt with except for product with quality problems.

 Notes before return and exchange:

1.      Product with quality complaints will be subject to authority test.

2.      Returned products have to be delivered back to us by express.

3.      No payment collect will be accepted.

4.      Returned products should be well packed before sent.

5.      Product images in our website are only for reference, deviation of package, color or printing might happen, complaints thereby will not be accepted.

6.      Please read the product insert before you take the food supplement, no overdose or inappropriate application should be allow unless directed by a doctor or nutrient. Any quality problems, and the thereafter product return or exchange claims, caused by misuse of the product will not be accepted.

7.      Any   

8.      Please contact us by 020-87687760 or before product return & exchange.  

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